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Pop Art Portraits February 9, 2012

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7th grade art students are creating Pop Art drawings focusing on the style of artist, Roy Lichtenstein.
We started by taking digital images of each student and making a graphite transfer. Since my 7th grade art class is required by all 7th graders, I find that when they can start with a lesson that always has positive results they are more willing to try harder lessons. It breaks that fear of art and they have a better self-esteem. Once the photo was taken and printed, each student outlined their features in pencil. I encouraged them to make the lines thick and dark for a better transfer.

Tape the picture to another sheet of paper face down. Using a wooden stick, press only the pencil lines to transfer the graphite to the new sheet.

Peel a corner back to check how well the pencil in transferring. Our printer ink would transfer if rubbed on, so I encouraged the students to only press on the pencil lines. When finished peel off.

The new drawing would be a mirror image of the first and the pencil will be very light. Students went back over the lines with pencil to bring them out again.

The next step is to draw over the pencil lines with black permanent marker for the cartoon/ comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein. Erase any leftover pencil marks for a clean finish.

Next, using marker, add benday dots in a staggering pattern to recreate the dots that make up printed materials such as magazines and newspapers.

Some items in your drawing can be solid to create an effect more like Roy’s.



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