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2012 Art Show April 18, 2012

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      I love the art show every year. What a great time for the students to be able to display their hard work for the whole community to celebrate. This year was another hit. Our reception was this last weekend and it was a busy one. I really enjoyed meet and talking with the families and students. The kids get so excited to share their wonderful creations.



Paper Lace and Layers February 13, 2012

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7th grade students just finished an art assignment involving paper cutting and layering colors. This lesson was originally from School Arts Magazine and written by Helaine Schechtman.

We started by cutting colored construction paper into 9×9 inch squares. Students measured and drew a 3/4 inch border on all sides of the paper. Next I demonstrated cutting techniques with an Xacto knife. I focused and stressed on repetition and pattern in their paper cutting. The idea is to have a top layer with lots of detail and design, a second layer with one repeating unifying pattern, and a bottom plain paper layer. Once all layers are complete, they need to carefully be glued together. I had to stress to the students to glue all the parts of the layers down including the small details.

    Layer 1

    Layer 2

    All 3 layered together

    Student work!


Pop Art Portraits February 9, 2012

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7th grade art students are creating Pop Art drawings focusing on the style of artist, Roy Lichtenstein.
We started by taking digital images of each student and making a graphite transfer. Since my 7th grade art class is required by all 7th graders, I find that when they can start with a lesson that always has positive results they are more willing to try harder lessons. It breaks that fear of art and they have a better self-esteem. Once the photo was taken and printed, each student outlined their features in pencil. I encouraged them to make the lines thick and dark for a better transfer.

Tape the picture to another sheet of paper face down. Using a wooden stick, press only the pencil lines to transfer the graphite to the new sheet.

Peel a corner back to check how well the pencil in transferring. Our printer ink would transfer if rubbed on, so I encouraged the students to only press on the pencil lines. When finished peel off.

The new drawing would be a mirror image of the first and the pencil will be very light. Students went back over the lines with pencil to bring them out again.

The next step is to draw over the pencil lines with black permanent marker for the cartoon/ comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein. Erase any leftover pencil marks for a clean finish.

Next, using marker, add benday dots in a staggering pattern to recreate the dots that make up printed materials such as magazines and newspapers.

Some items in your drawing can be solid to create an effect more like Roy’s.



7th Grade Sketchbooks January 18, 2012

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7th grade students made their sketchbooks today. They started with a sheet of white construction paper for their cover filled with 4 sheets of drawing paper. Folding the stack like a book.

Using a hole punch, 5 holes were punched along the binding. Students used yarn to hold the binding together. I told them to come up with their own binding pattern. The way they thread the yearn will create a pattern in the binding.

We decorated the cover with crayon designs and painted over with watercolor creating a wax resist. The design still shows through the paint because the wax does not allow any paint to be absorbed. When the paper was dry, they used Sharpie to add more details and designs.

Sketchbooks will be used in class for writing, sketching, and drawing ideas.


Multicultural Paper Dolls January 13, 2012

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6th grade students are working on a Multicultural project of making paper doll examples of people from countries all over the world.
Students started by choosing from a list of all the countries in the world. We started in the computer lab having each student research their country. I use this worksheet to guide their research.

Students need to find visual examples of traditional dress from their country for a male and a female. They draw and color examples of their findings.

The next class period we begin creating the paper dolls. I have the students use some nice patterned and decorative papers as well as solid construction paper. The patterned paper makes the dolls have a more rich look. I encourage them to add a lot of details down to jewelry, clasps, buttons, etc. The more details, the more finished their doll will look.

When the dolls are done, we make a flip card for the back of each doll. I hang them in the hallway asking, “Where in the world am I from?” People can simply lift the doll to see where the home location is.


7th Grade Figure Sculptures March 18, 2011

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7th Graders are finishing a figure unit. We started by drawing the figure and learning about body proportions. Students focused on actions and the way the body moves and rotates. Next, we began our sculptures by making a “skeleton” with wire, then using newspaper and tape, we built up the body. Last, we paper mached the “skin”. Now, 7th graders are painting their figures.


Governor’s Show March 15, 2011

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Here is my student that is having his art displayed in the governor’s office during Youth Art Month.

We took a tour of the capitol building and saw some great architecture! The Governor and Lt. Governor met with him.