peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

Printmaking! April 4, 2012

Elementary and High School students have been working on printmaking. My 2D&3D class at the HS made linoleum relief stamps of their own design. We used the ink in solid colors at first. When they became comfortable, I showed them how to use multiple colors. They had to make clean prints and incorporate their stamp into their sketchbooks.

Here are the 5th grade students printing their names with a styrofoam plate. These are cheap and easy to create. I love these colors! We review color mixing with our ink.


Paper Blooms April 2, 2012

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5th grade students made paper flowers to hang in the art room during April. These are simple to make to do require some strategy. We measured eleven 2 inch strips of paper. They were glued together to form petal shapes. The petals were laid in a circle creating a flower. We then, cut circles of a different color and put glue on the edge of the circle and laid the petals down on top to stick. Then, repeated with another circle on top. When they were dry we strung and hung them in the room. They are so pretty!


Tissue Paper Flowers December 13, 2011

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5th grade students are working on making a flower using only tissue paper. First, they needed to draw a flower from observation and fill in the color by cutting and pasting colored tissue paper.

When the paper was full and bright, students covered their “paintings” with Mod Podge. This gave a nice glossy finish and sealed down the tissue paper.

Next class time when the image is dry, students will re-draw the details of their flowers with Sharpie marker to bring them back out.


A is for Abstract May 2, 2011

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5th grade artists just learned all about Abstract art.

We started by answering the question: What is Abstract art?
The answer 5th graders came up with is that it is all about COLOR, LINES, & SHAPES.
Students had to limit their color palette by only only choosing WARM or COOL colors. I demonstrated some techniques to try with the art materials and off we went………