peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

Blooming Spring Trees April 4, 2012

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2nd Grade students made these lovely spring trees. We reviewed color mixing, used marker caps for stamps (track back to this post for more info), and talked about the cycle of a tree.


Paper Blooms April 2, 2012

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5th grade students made paper flowers to hang in the art room during April. These are simple to make to do require some strategy. We measured eleven 2 inch strips of paper. They were glued together to form petal shapes. The petals were laid in a circle creating a flower. We then, cut circles of a different color and put glue on the edge of the circle and laid the petals down on top to stick. Then, repeated with another circle on top. When they were dry we strung and hung them in the room. They are so pretty!


Kindergarten Paints Bunnies

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Kinders are so fun to teach. They LOVE art and get sparkles in their eyes when the paint comes out! For spring we drew and painted bunnies. Each student drew a bunny using only ovals (oval body, head, arms, legs, & ears). I do a short demonstration on the board and they follow.

Next we use sponges to dab on white paint to make our bunnies furry. The next art time we add a black outline with whiskers and pink for the nose and ears. I get out cotton for a tail and a button eye.