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Kindergarten Learns About Georgia O’Keeffe May 2, 2012

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Kindergarten students are learning about Georgia O’Keeffe. After learning about her and her artwork, we began a simple drawing lesson with flowers. We used black crayon to draw our flower. I am trying to get students to not worry about mistakes and be more confident in their drawing ability. After drawing the flower and leaves, students moved on to paint. With the flowers I showed students how to blend from red to yellow on their petals.

When the painting was dry students cut out the flowers and leaves and glued them to construction paper.


Art Inspirations From Mexico April 18, 2012

With each class, I focus on the art of another culture. With 3rd grade, we learn about art from Mexico. we start by learning about the Aztecs and the Mayans. Last we learn about the Mexican “cowboys” and the textile art. On one large construction paper sheet we draw a sombrero and a poncho on another. We paint each item, then we spend a class period embellishing our pieces before cutting them out. The 3rd grade had a blast!


When they were done we cut the pieces out. The kids had so much fun and so did I. Here are the 3rd graders with their finished artwork.


Painting Class Finds A New Canvas April 2, 2012

High School painting class has been studying the hand painting artist, Guido Daniele. If you do a google search with his name you will find some of the most amazing paintings of animals on painted on hands.

Each student chose an animal to paint on their hands. Tempera paint was used because it is easy to remove.

These are works in progress:


Kindergarten Paints Bunnies

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Kinders are so fun to teach. They LOVE art and get sparkles in their eyes when the paint comes out! For spring we drew and painted bunnies. Each student drew a bunny using only ovals (oval body, head, arms, legs, & ears). I do a short demonstration on the board and they follow.

Next we use sponges to dab on white paint to make our bunnies furry. The next art time we add a black outline with whiskers and pink for the nose and ears. I get out cotton for a tail and a button eye.



Children’s Day Fish Kites March 7, 2012

Children’s Day is a holiday on May 5th in Japan where families hang carp kites for each child in their family.
Kindergarten students made kites to hang in our art room until May 5th when they will go home.

Students traced a fish pattern. We drew from observation adding fins, tail, scales, etc. Students colored with crayons and then we painted over top to fill in any missed areas. Kinders are still working on their coloring and patience of filling in large areas without it looking scribbly so the glitter watercolor was a nice touch.

To finish, we added string to hang and tissue paper to the tail.


Drawing and Painting From Observation January 18, 2012

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2nd grade students just finished what started as drawing from observation. Each student was handed fake flowers to draw from. They ranged from daisies, sunflowers, and roses.  We discussed perspective, line quality, and details. Students practiced drawing their flowers in pencil on paper. I asked them to add a patterned background.

The next class we added watercolor to the pencil drawing. Last, we retraced the pencil with black tempera.


Extra Marker Caps? January 17, 2012

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  Turn them into stamps!

2nd grade are using old marker caps to stamp the background of their latest artwork, and they LOVED it! Click Here to see what we did with our stamped papers.