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Kindergarten Learns About Georgia O’Keeffe May 2, 2012

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Kindergarten students are learning about Georgia O’Keeffe. After learning about her and her artwork, we began a simple drawing lesson with flowers. We used black crayon to draw our flower. I am trying to get students to not worry about mistakes and be more confident in their drawing ability. After drawing the flower and leaves, students moved on to paint. With the flowers I showed students how to blend from red to yellow on their petals.

When the painting was dry students cut out the flowers and leaves and glued them to construction paper.


Kindergarten Paints Bunnies April 2, 2012

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Kinders are so fun to teach. They LOVE art and get sparkles in their eyes when the paint comes out! For spring we drew and painted bunnies. Each student drew a bunny using only ovals (oval body, head, arms, legs, & ears). I do a short demonstration on the board and they follow.

Next we use sponges to dab on white paint to make our bunnies furry. The next art time we add a black outline with whiskers and pink for the nose and ears. I get out cotton for a tail and a button eye.



Having a Hoot with Kinders January 10, 2012

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Before break, Kindergarten had one more art time so I pulled out a quick and easy lesson for them. Using googly eyes, an owl tracer, and cutting basic triangles and circles, Kinders easily created a cute owl. They used 2 handprints for the wings. We chatted about symmetry because the owl is the same on both sides.
Simple, but adorable and perfect for when you only have one day to make a project.


Kindergarten Portraits October 5, 2011

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Kindergarten students are eager to learn about art this year! I love it because it makes my job easy 🙂

Many Kindergarten students come in drawing only eyes and a smile when they draw a face. We begin this lesson by breaking down the face into shapes. The eyes are a football shape with smaller circles inside for the pupil and iris. The head is an oval or upside down egg (hehe they like that one) and so on.
They start with a pencil drawing and then we add paint for COLOR!!!



Day 2 we added all the details we didn’t have time to add on Day 1.