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Blooming Spring Trees April 4, 2012

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2nd Grade students made these lovely spring trees. We reviewed color mixing, used marker caps for stamps (track back to this post for more info), and talked about the cycle of a tree.


Drawing and Painting From Observation January 18, 2012

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2nd grade students just finished what started as drawing from observation. Each student was handed fake flowers to draw from. They ranged from daisies, sunflowers, and roses.  We discussed perspective, line quality, and details. Students practiced drawing their flowers in pencil on paper. I asked them to add a patterned background.

The next class we added watercolor to the pencil drawing. Last, we retraced the pencil with black tempera.


Extra Marker Caps? January 17, 2012

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  Turn them into stamps!

2nd grade are using old marker caps to stamp the background of their latest artwork, and they LOVED it! Click Here to see what we did with our stamped papers.


Painting The Town January 9, 2012

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I am so excited to start this lesson, that I wanted to share it.
2nd graders will be making city-scapes from color swatches. I will read the book Painting The Town to start this lesson. The book is about color and shows many great drawings of buildings. After a chat about architecture we will start. Using gel markers and permanent markers we will build our cities.


Lucky Dragons November 2, 2011

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2nd grade students wrapped up their China unit by sculpting dragons. Did you know dragons are considered to be good luck in China?
Students created their dragons from Model Magic. When they were dry, we painted the dragons in the colors we observed in our unit from pictures and video. They were red, orange, yellow, and black.


Chinese Calligraphy October 3, 2011

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2nd grade artists are learning all about art from China!

We watched an interesting video about art and culture from China including calligraphy with ink and a bamboo brush. The artists who study Chinese Calligraphy have to spend years mastering their craft. 2nd grade students were able to write their names in Chinese characters. They found that it is hard to learn a new language and the letters are A LOT different than English. The outcome is lovely.

Everyone practiced on regular white paper first, then they wrote their name on a scroll they can roll up like in ancient times!

Next we will be moving on to a Clay Dragon. In China, dragons are thought of as good luck.


Finally Feeling Like Spring! March 31, 2011

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2nd grade students worked on making slab vases for their clay project. When they were done, we decided to make paper flowers for them. WOW do they brighten up the room! Each student chose their colors for glaze and flowers. I will be sad to see these go home. They are on the windowsill right next to my desk 🙂 Great job 2nd graders!