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Printmaking! April 4, 2012

Elementary and High School students have been working on printmaking. My 2D&3D class at the HS made linoleum relief stamps of their own design. We used the ink in solid colors at first. When they became comfortable, I showed them how to use multiple colors. They had to make clean prints and incorporate their stamp into their sketchbooks.

Here are the 5th grade students printing their names with a styrofoam plate. These are cheap and easy to create. I love these colors! We review color mixing with our ink.


Printmaking! October 29, 2009

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Kindergarten through 2nd grade have been working very hard on a series of prints.

Students created their very own stamp. Kindergarten’s theme was backyard bugs and 1st and 2nd grade drew what they would see if they were a deep sea diver! Once the stamp was made students used new tools such as a printing plate and brayers to roll out the ink for their stamp. It was messy, but exciting once the students got to see the final product. We looked at the stamp and the print to realize that the print was backwards, an unexpected twist. The goal was to make a clean solid print without smudges. Here are some examples:

DSCN0314 DSCN0317