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Kindergarten Paints Bunnies April 2, 2012

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Kinders are so fun to teach. They LOVE art and get sparkles in their eyes when the paint comes out! For spring we drew and painted bunnies. Each student drew a bunny using only ovals (oval body, head, arms, legs, & ears). I do a short demonstration on the board and they follow.

Next we use sponges to dab on white paint to make our bunnies furry. The next art time we add a black outline with whiskers and pink for the nose and ears. I get out cotton for a tail and a button eye.



Pieces of Picasso March 28, 2012

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6th grade students are learning about famous artist Pablo Picasso. We studied his life and artwork. Students picked out the things that made his artwork special and unique.

Here is one of his works we looked at:

To make our own Picasso-Style portraits we used playing cards. Face cards to be exact. We cut them up and rearranged the faces to make a new and unique piece. Students glued the new card pieces when they were happy with their creation. Next, they had to draw their creation on yellow 12×18 construction paper.

When their drawing was finished, they filled in the color with oil pastels. I demonstrated the blending abilities of pastels that mimic oil paint. They were able to use unrealistic colors in their portrait and I encouraged them to blend and press hard. I told them that when they were done I shouldn’t be able to tell that they used yellow paper underneath. The pastel should be so thick that it hides the paper color.

Also, for fun, I dug out my Picasso coloring pages in case someone finishes early.


As promised I am adding some finished work to this post. These drawings turned out AMAZING!


Children’s Day Fish Kites March 7, 2012

Children’s Day is a holiday on May 5th in Japan where families hang carp kites for each child in their family.
Kindergarten students made kites to hang in our art room until May 5th when they will go home.

Students traced a fish pattern. We drew from observation adding fins, tail, scales, etc. Students colored with crayons and then we painted over top to fill in any missed areas. Kinders are still working on their coloring and patience of filling in large areas without it looking scribbly so the glitter watercolor was a nice touch.

To finish, we added string to hang and tissue paper to the tail.


Spring in the Air

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This is one of my teacher aids setting up a spring display in our door way window. I am so grateful for my 2 aids this quarter. They are the best and the students love them being around. They make projects and planning a breeze.


Paper Lace and Layers February 13, 2012

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7th grade students just finished an art assignment involving paper cutting and layering colors. This lesson was originally from School Arts Magazine and written by Helaine Schechtman.

We started by cutting colored construction paper into 9×9 inch squares. Students measured and drew a 3/4 inch border on all sides of the paper. Next I demonstrated cutting techniques with an Xacto knife. I focused and stressed on repetition and pattern in their paper cutting. The idea is to have a top layer with lots of detail and design, a second layer with one repeating unifying pattern, and a bottom plain paper layer. Once all layers are complete, they need to carefully be glued together. I had to stress to the students to glue all the parts of the layers down including the small details.

    Layer 1

    Layer 2

    All 3 layered together

    Student work!


Pop Art Portraits February 9, 2012

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7th grade art students are creating Pop Art drawings focusing on the style of artist, Roy Lichtenstein.
We started by taking digital images of each student and making a graphite transfer. Since my 7th grade art class is required by all 7th graders, I find that when they can start with a lesson that always has positive results they are more willing to try harder lessons. It breaks that fear of art and they have a better self-esteem. Once the photo was taken and printed, each student outlined their features in pencil. I encouraged them to make the lines thick and dark for a better transfer.

Tape the picture to another sheet of paper face down. Using a wooden stick, press only the pencil lines to transfer the graphite to the new sheet.

Peel a corner back to check how well the pencil in transferring. Our printer ink would transfer if rubbed on, so I encouraged the students to only press on the pencil lines. When finished peel off.

The new drawing would be a mirror image of the first and the pencil will be very light. Students went back over the lines with pencil to bring them out again.

The next step is to draw over the pencil lines with black permanent marker for the cartoon/ comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein. Erase any leftover pencil marks for a clean finish.

Next, using marker, add benday dots in a staggering pattern to recreate the dots that make up printed materials such as magazines and newspapers.

Some items in your drawing can be solid to create an effect more like Roy’s.



Drawing and Painting From Observation January 18, 2012

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2nd grade students just finished what started as drawing from observation. Each student was handed fake flowers to draw from. They ranged from daisies, sunflowers, and roses.  We discussed perspective, line quality, and details. Students practiced drawing their flowers in pencil on paper. I asked them to add a patterned background.

The next class we added watercolor to the pencil drawing. Last, we retraced the pencil with black tempera.