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Pieces of Picasso March 28, 2012

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6th grade students are learning about famous artist Pablo Picasso. We studied his life and artwork. Students picked out the things that made his artwork special and unique.

Here is one of his works we looked at:

To make our own Picasso-Style portraits we used playing cards. Face cards to be exact. We cut them up and rearranged the faces to make a new and unique piece. Students glued the new card pieces when they were happy with their creation. Next, they had to draw their creation on yellow 12×18 construction paper.

When their drawing was finished, they filled in the color with oil pastels. I demonstrated the blending abilities of pastels that mimic oil paint. They were able to use unrealistic colors in their portrait and I encouraged them to blend and press hard. I told them that when they were done I shouldn’t be able to tell that they used yellow paper underneath. The pastel should be so thick that it hides the paper color.

Also, for fun, I dug out my Picasso coloring pages in case someone finishes early.


As promised I am adding some finished work to this post. These drawings turned out AMAZING!


3 Responses to “Pieces of Picasso”

  1. ann Says:

    I love this! In Spanish IV, we study Picasso, the Spanish Civil War & Guernica. This is a great!

  2. Jen Says:

    This is a really great idea to use the playing cards. Excellent work!

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