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Multicultural Paper Dolls January 13, 2012

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6th grade students are working on a Multicultural project of making paper doll examples of people from countries all over the world.
Students started by choosing from a list of all the countries in the world. We started in the computer lab having each student research their country. I use this worksheet to guide their research.

Students need to find visual examples of traditional dress from their country for a male and a female. They draw and color examples of their findings.

The next class period we begin creating the paper dolls. I have the students use some nice patterned and decorative papers as well as solid construction paper. The patterned paper makes the dolls have a more rich look. I encourage them to add a lot of details down to jewelry, clasps, buttons, etc. The more details, the more finished their doll will look.

When the dolls are done, we make a flip card for the back of each doll. I hang them in the hallway asking, “Where in the world am I from?” People can simply lift the doll to see where the home location is.


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