peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

Trading Card Centers December 14, 2011

I still love ATC’s or Artist Trading Cards. 6th grade students worked on a set of 6 cards. I divided the   room into 6 centers. each center had different art materials from ink printing, sharpies, glitter and stick watercolor, to Mod Podge! we worked for 3 class periods on the cards encouraging layering on all the cards. When the layering was done, they needed t pull the card together with one unifying image, drawing, or theme. On the last day we added a beautiful label to the back of each card with the student’s name, card title, art materials, and contact information. They were very excited to trade with each other.

I love the book Artist Trading Card Workshop by Bernie Berlin. I recently chatted with her on Twitter and recommend her book for any ATC creator. Here is a link to a preview on

Here are some of my own finished cards:


One Response to “Trading Card Centers”

  1. Jen Says:

    I want to try this!

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