peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

Art Room Cut Ups December 13, 2011

This lesson was originally written by Stacy Lord for School Arts Magazine.

4th grade students made self portraits from paper cutting. We discussed specific parts of the face and body,  then students began by drawing and cutting out a head and torso. Next we cut details like hair and facial features. We focused on the different parts of the eye making sure to get the pupil and the iris.

When we got to clothes, I asked the students to make clothes that tell about them. Do they have a signature style? This lesson incorporated some fashion design.

Once the kids were done, they journaled about themselves writing why they made themselves look the way they did and why they are unique.


One Response to “Art Room Cut Ups”

  1. Stacy Lord Says:

    These look GREAT!

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