peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

So far this year… September 29, 2010

Filed under: Art Club,Elementary,High School,Student Work — gmgart @ 2:44 pm

Wow what a start to the school year! The yearbook team started with a bang and a whole lot of creativity! The yearbook is sure to be stunning this year. The team has put in many hours doing advertising, taking pictures, and working on the book. Be sure to order yours!

The Art Club painted the windows downtown again this year for Homecoming. the theme was Glow In The Dark for the dance and Lyrics for the parade. They will be painting again for the Halloween dance in Garwin.

The Elementary had several floods in the beginning of the year. The art room was home to the Kindergarten for a few weeks and the 2nd grade for the last 4. I have been traveling to the classes for art. Students have just finished America Recycles Day posters for the Marshall County Landfill’s Recycling Calendar Contest. The winners will be announced Nov. 15. How will they ever choose from all the great posters?


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