peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

Art News February 15, 2010

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The Elementary art students have been such a pleasure this year! They are always eager to come to art class and groan when class time is up for day. Each grade is working on different projects.
4th grade just finished abstract mixed media pieces. Mixed media means that they used several different types of art materials on one project. Students talked about monochromatic color families, line, emphasis, contrast, and gradation of value. While they worked, they listened to different types of music and we discussed how different colors and marks express moods and feelings. We had a great time working and students shared their projects with the class at the end.
3rd graders are working on Mandala Radial Designs. We talked about the circular patterns and symmetry in Mandalas from India and Tibet and students created their own designs.
The High School students have been busy creating all year long. Two ceramics classes and one drawing class just finished the quarter. Ceramics students used hand-building skills and tried throwing on the potter’s wheel for the first time. It was a great, messy success. Drawing students practiced their rendering skills and began using perspective to draw architecture. Students worked on a group project at the end of the quarter. They used the idea of identity and showing identity through art. They came up with a design to show the whole school’s identity in one piece of art.

The Art Club will be helping to build and decorate the set for the upcoming spring musical, Into the Woods. Anyone with an interest is able to join. Please contact Ms. Lase or Ms. Hobart know if you are interested. Art Club will be helping with makeup, scenery building, and painting. More help is always needed!


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