peer into Ms. Lase's art room at GMG

A trip to Egypt November 23, 2009

Filed under: Elementary,Student Work — gmgart @ 10:56 am

First and second graders have been learning all about Egyptian art! We looked at many photos, wrote our names in hieroglyphics, made a cartouche out of clay and drew life-size Egyptians. It was very fun and informative!

When we worked with hieroglyphics, it was like solving a puzzle. Students had fun connecting the letters in their name to the symbols of the ancient language. Next, we took modeling clay to create a cartouche. They used tools to create designs, pattern, and texture on the borders of their cartouche. We used tools to form the symbols of our names in hieroglyphics. It was challenging but fun! When the clay was dry, we used the common Egyptian colors of gold and blue to paint the cartouches. The students noticed that the colors were just like King Tut’s mask!


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